What are the benefits of participating in the initiative?

Not only do people get free help and support for living a more sustainable life, but in many cases they will see a reduction in living costs. People also feel like they are part of a community that is working together to fight climate change.

What do I have to do to participate in the initiative?

Participation in the initiative is simple. Download the SNAPP app, answer a few questions, use the app daily, and participate in 5-1hr virtual Team meetings during the 3-month pilot. ("Solo" participants are not expected to participate in the Team meetings.)

What can I expect if I choose a lead Team vs going SOLO?

The benefit of being in a lead Team is that you will have the support of other participants, the Team Leader and the Initiative staff as you make lifestyle changes. These Teams will meet virtually to share information ranging from tips on using the APP, resources/how-to's for adopting specific "green actions", and staying motivated to achieve your goals (and win prizes).

'Solo participants' will use the APP and it's built-in resources independently. We highly recommend participants to opt into a lead Team for the support and motivation, but are providing the 'Solo' option as an alternative.

Can I invite my friends to participate?

If they are Lebanon residents, absolutely! Direct them to this website to sign up. And, if they are not Lebanon residents, they can submit their contact information and we will be in touch as we release the general app or as their community (or employer) rolls out a similar initiative.

What are the goals for the initiative?

The Sustainable Lebanon Initiative's goals include:

  • Helping Lebanon reduce it's carbon footprint

  • Helping Sustainable Lebanon expand it's visibility/outreach

  • Helping Lebanon residents' shift their mindset to more sustainable habits

  • Encouraging a strong local economy by supporting local businesses

Is there a cost to participate?

It does NOT cost anything to participate in the initial 3-month pilot period. It may cost a small amount to participate after the initial 3-month period - we are still evaluating the cost structure.

How much time will Team Meetings take?

We are planning to have 5-1hour Team meetings over the course of the 3-month pilot. Each meeting will cover a different topic, however tips will be shared and general questions will also be addressed.

Can multiple people in my household participate?

Multiple people in your household can participate as long as they use the same login (same email and password). Actions are at a household level so checking off an action is checking off an action for the entire household.


What if I don’t have an iPhone?

If nobody in your household has an iPhone, unfortunately you will not be able to participate in this initial 3-month pilot. But, you will be prompted to leave your contact information so that we can alert you when the android version is available.

What are the iPhone requirements to download the app?

iPhone or iPad with iOS 12.0 or later

Where do I select my Team Name when setting up the app?

After downloading the APP, when it asks to “select your Neighborhood”, the options you see will be Team Names (or Team Leader Names) rather than actual neighborhoods. We decided to structure this differently for the Sustainable Lebanon Initiative.

How do I know what Team I'm in?

If you were not invited to join a specific Team, you will need to sign up to be added to a Team or participate as a 'Solo' participant. Go to the Sign Up page to begin this process.

How much time is required to spend in the app?

The intent of the app is that you are spending 30-60 seconds in the app per day (to check off the actions you completed). For those that may want to explore the deeper portions of the app, like understanding your "Footprint" or "Hogs", you may end up browsing for 5 minutes or more.

Who do I contact if I have problems?

Please go to the Contact section of the website and submit your question or concern.

How do I download the app?

There are several places in this website to start the process, either:

  • Go to the "Sign Up" page, or

  • click on one of the “Get Started Now” buttons throughout the site

You will be guided through a series of questions to determine if you qualify for Lebanon's Initiative.

If you don't qualify now, we'd like to find a way to make it available to you in the future. Please complete the form your presented and Path to a Green Home (the consultant for this Initiative and app developer) will keep you updated.

Do you have a privacy policy?

Yes, you can read our Privacy Policy on Path to a Green Home's website.