APP Setup: Selecting Your Team

Were you invited by a TEAM LEADER to join their Team?


Great! Find your Team Leader's Name (Team Name) below.

You will need to select it when opening the App for the first time.

Team Leader (Team Name)

  • Jon C.

  • Liane A.

  • Tad M.

  • Woody R.

If the Team Leader that invited you isn't listed yet, please register here and include their name in the comments.

remember your team and
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Not a problem, we'll get you started! Before downloading the APP, please decide how you'd like to participate in this Initiative.

You can choose to:

OPTION 1: join Team
meets virtually to share tips and information


--- or ---

OPTION 2: be a 'Solo' Participant
(no meetings) use the App and it’s resources without engaging others in the community

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select 'solo participant' in App setup

What does it mean to join a Team vs going 'Solo'?

The benefit of being in a Team is that you will have the support of a small group as you make lifestyle changes. These Teams will meet regularly to share information ranging from tips on using the APP, resources/how-to's for adopting specific "green actions", and staying motivated to achieve your goals (and win prizes).

'Solo participants' will use the APP and it's built-in resources independently. We highly recommend participants to opt into a lead Team for the support and motivation, but are providing the 'Solo' option as an alternative.

(more information on the FAQ page)